Anyone who knows INOKIM electric scooters will easily recognize our well-known effort in innovation and design as a major identification of our scooters until today.

We are proud to produce our NEW sport model, the big brother of the family which has its own league within the other electric scooter’s known categories, this ultimate scooter combines both power and high stability without any compromises of INOKIM’s standards that is why OX remains compact despite its improvements of power, ignition, efficiency, momentum and style which keeps it on top of the heavy electric scooter category.

Using a 57.6V 13A (‘Hero’) or 57.6v 20.8 Ah (‘Super’) Li-Ion battery, silent and powerful engine the power ratio is adjusted by control in order to divide power into both wheels and keep the momentum of the ride alongside performances up to 31 miles thanks to the quality battery. This model has a registered-patent of a smart breaking system which provides a very good stability. this is by far the best e-scooter in the world.

Open 122 cm
48 inch
59 cm
23.2 inch
130 cm
51.2 inch
Folded 122 cm
48 inch
59 cm
23.2 inch
54 cm
21.3 inch
Weight: 26 kg I 27.8 lb
Top Speed: 45 km/h I up to 31 mph
Battery: Lithium Ion, 60V, 13 A/h
Motor: (Rated power) 800W brushless gearless motor
(Peak power) 1300W brushless gearless motor
Charge Time: 7 hrs for full charge
Top Range: Hero Model: 60 km / 37 Miles
Super Model: 90 km / 56 miles
Road Lights: Integral led lights
Brakes: Front drum brake I Rear disc brake
Tires: 10 inch pneumatic tires
Max Load: 120 kg I 220 lb
Material: Aviation Aluminum-Alloy
LCD Display: With funstion & illumination

“Riding the OX
is like surfing in the streets”

Erez Benaroya

The Heavy Duty Beast

Extreme power & range

Top range 60-110 km, 37-68 mile
Top speed 45 km/h, 28 mph

Suspension Patent
Choose between HIGH / LOW position
Rides all terrain
Both urban & off road