Open 122 cm
48 inch
59 cm
23.2 inch
130 cm
51.2 inch
Folded 122 cm
48 inch
59 cm
23.2 inch
54 cm
21.3 inch
Weight:26 kg I 27.8 lb
Top Speed:45 km/h I up to 31 mph
Battery:Lithium Ion, 60V, 13 A/h
Motor: (Rated power) 800W brushless gearless motor
(Peak power) 1300W brushless gearless motor
Charge Time:7 hrs for full charge
Top Range: Hero Model: 60 km / 37 Miles
Super Model: 90 km / 56 miles
Road Lights:Integral led lights
Brakes:Front drum brake I Rear disc brake
Tires:10 inch pneumatic tires
Max Load:120 kg I 220 lb
Material:Aviation Aluminum-Alloy
LCD Display:With funstion & illumination

“Riding the OX
is like surfing in the streets”

Erez Benaroya

The Heavy Duty Beast

Extreme power & range

Top range 60-110 km, 37-68 mile
Top speed 45 km/h, 28 mph

Suspension Patent
Choose between HIGH / LOW position
Rides all terrain
Both urban & off road